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Итоги пресс-конференции перед Fight Night Бруклин

Главные действующие лица предстоящего турнира сказали друг другу последние слова перед встречей в октагоне.

Если вы не слишком сильно ждали предстоящий турнир Fight Night Бруклин, после сегодняшней горячей пресс-конференции это должно измениться. Чемпион UFC в наилегчайшем весе Генри Сехудо и чемпион UFC в легчайшем весе ТиДжей Диллашоу неплохо развлекли публику, обмениваясь колкостями. Золотой пиджак, игрушечная змея, стильное пальто и остроумие обоих бойцов – зрителям было на что посмотреть. Но особое внимание публики заслужила перепалка Александра Хернандеза и Дональда Серроне – кажется, между бойцами возникла реальная неприязнь.

Reclaim the Throne: TJ Dillashaw
Reclaim the Throne: TJ Dillashaw

The cozy confines of the venue added to the experience as fans and media eagerly listened to the four fighters talk trash with one another.

It started with Cejudo pulling out his Olympic gold medal and telling Dillashaw to come and take it, with Dillashaw laughing throughout the entire gesture. Dillashaw also prompted the audience to count the number of times that Cejudo referenced his medal and spoke about himself in third person.

But the biggest take away from the championship exchange was what is motivating each of these title holders.

Press Conference Highlights
Press Conference Highlights

“This is much bigger than me. This is for all the flyweights that aren’t big enough to make 135lbs,” Cejudo said. “I’m fighting for those guys, for their families. There’s a big burden, a big inspiration in me.”

Dillashaw’s reasoning for accepting this fight couldn’t be more different.

“I’m doing this for myself. This is a selfish sport,” Dillashaw said. “I’m doing this to be the greatest.”

The trash talk really turned up once the No. 11-ranked Hernandez started challenging Cowboy to a war of words.

“I just see myself facing an insecure little lad, swinging on a saddle with a pop gun and feather in his hat,” Hernandez said. He would go on to inform Cowboy that he looked “aged and withered”.

The response from the UFC’s all-time leader in finishes was simple.

“Listen my little friend I’m not one to sit there and talk so if you got big things to say, we’re fighting on Saturday keep it professional,” Cerrone said. “We just stood in the back and you didn’t have much to say.”

Press Conference Face-offs
Press Conference Face-offs

Cowboy went on to exclaim that he is excited for Saturday and while Hernandez thinks he’s a stepping stone, he’s really a “mother f****** boulder in your way.”

The banter and quips between Hernandez and Cowboy continued during their intense face off, with the two never breaking eye contact. Before the two champions met at center stage, Cejudo brought out a prop snake and slammed it directly in front of Dillashaw. Then the two faced-off, with both showing fire.

Given that all four of these fighters make weight, fight fans should be in store for two incredible showdowns.

Make sure you tune into ESPN+ at 10pm/7pm ETPT to watch the main event between Cejudo and Dillashaw. Also head to ESPN at 8pm/5pm ETPT to catch Hernandez fight Cowboy.

If you don’t know how to watch the UFC on ESPN, check out how to watch here.

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