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VENUM станет новым эксклюзивным производителем экипировки UFC

Два культовых MMA-бренда объединяются для создания официальной бойцовской экипировки и линии одежды.

Сегодня UFC объявила о том, что с 2021 года VENUM, ведущий производитель спортивной экипировки и одежды в мире смешанных единоборств, станет новым эксклюзивным производителем экипировки UFC. Сделка была заключена лицензионным агентством IMG, эксклюзивно представляющим UFC.

UFC athletes will debut the new VENUM-designed UFC Fight Kits inside the OctagonÒ in April 2021.  To coincide with this debut, VENUM-designed apparel will be made available for sale at retail outlets around the world and online at UFCStore.com, UFCStore.eu, UFCStore.com.au and Venum.com.  

UFC’s outfitting policy is administered through its Promotional Guidelines Compliance program.  UFC will adjust the pay scale tied to its Promotional Guidelines Compliance program, which will result in across the board increases for all athletes effective April 2021.

UFC’s existing outfitting and apparel partnership with Reebok, the global fitness brand, expires in March 2021.  Reebok will continue to serve as the official footwear provider of UFC through the end of next calendar year. 

“We’re pumped that VENUM will be joining us as our new exclusive global outfitting and apparel partner,” said UFC President Dana White.  “VENUM is an Iconic combat sports brand that understands the unique needs of MMA athletes.  Franck Dupuis and his team at VENUM have the technical knowledge and experience that will produce world-class UFC Fight Kits and apparel.  We’re looking forward to collaborating with them on this next evolution of UFC’s outfitting program.”

“Joining UFC as their official outfitting and apparel partner means a great deal to the VENUM team,” said Franck Dupuis, VENUM Founder and CEO.  “VENUM is a brand that has grown alongside the sport of MMA as it has exploded in popularity around the world.  We are both proud and grateful, as this agreement signifies the success of our journey over the past fifteen years.  At VENUM, we are ecstatic to write the next chapter in our history.” 

Added White: “We appreciate the partnership with Reebok over the past six years. It was a groundbreaking deal that elevated both of our brands.  We’re pleased that Reebok will continue with us as the official footwear provider of UFC through 2021.”

The VENUM / UFC Fight Kits and apparel line will be high quality MMA gear and performance apparel specifically designed and developed for UFC’s world-class athletes competing inside the Octagon.  VENUM‘S understanding of what MMA fighters need while training and competing will be seen throughout the product line including the ‘Fight Week Gear’ and ‘Fight Night Kit’. The Fight Night shorts will be incredibly light and comfortable, providing a second-skin-feel thanks to their "featherweight" microfiber material. The waistband will utilize thermo-bonded and extra-flat elastic seams to perfectly adapt to the shape of the athlete’s body. The side slits will provide total freedom of movement, a well-known VENUM trademark.

For further information on VENUM’s history and legacy within the MMA community, please visit https://www.VENUM.com/highlights.